The Shadmasters



The Shadmasters

Are 5 friends from Holland and they plays Shadow music with the original sound and play on three original 60’s  “Vox  AC30 Red panel amps” and a  “Meazzi 306 tape echo”.

Members of the group are from left to Right:

Lead/Rhythm guitar: Rogier van de Oever.

Has played with Jan de Hont ( De Maskers ) , Johnny Kendall , and still playing with the Pipeline 61 and for many times plays with The Rapiers from England.

Singer : Jos de Waal

Rock & Roll singer and Cliff performer since the 60’s . Last group was Hank the Knife and the Silver Cadillacs.

Drums : Alan Mc Farlaine

Loves to play Shadows-music since the 60’s and had played in several groups such as Henk the Knife and the Jets still running. Long Tall Ernie and the Shakers and a lot more.

Lead-Guitar: Paul Verheggen

Plays the late 60’s and 70’s rock music with Bon Voyage .

Bass-Guitar Piet van Dort. Plays and loves music of the sixties. Played in Spain in the sixties with Tony Ronald and the Kroners.

Jos de Waal our singer in action in 2003 en 2004 in Berkel Enschot with The Shadmasters.

The Shadmasters speelden op de 43e Meeting in 2003, de 44e Meeting in 2004 en de 45e Meeting in 2005 met Tony Ronald als zanger. 

Bovendien speelden zij op de Mini Meetings in het Mercure Hotel in 2004 en 2005.