The Old Young Ones


The Old Young Ones uit Denemarken speelden in Berkel-Enschot op de Meetings 42 t/m 45 van april 2002, april 2003, april 2004 en april 2005.

If it has’nt been for a photo of a Baldwin Bison guitar “The Old Young Ones” might never have existed. A long time ago Jens saw a tape with Mogens playing instrumental hits from The Shadows. Jens phoned Mogens and wanted to know what year the Baldwin was from, and from there the talk went on to play together.

It was very lucky that Jens’s dad Bjarne was playing the bass and Mogens’s son Danny played lead/rhythm like his old man did, but in the end, Danny was on lead and Mogens rhythm. They needed a drummer and as you know Jens is playing on everything including drums, so there you go “The Old Young Ones”.

In a 3 year periode TOYO has been playing at the Danish Shadows Meeting and other places to keep The Shadows music alive.
Last year, 2002, the group was invited to Tilburg in Holland and they did a set of old instrumentals from Denmark and Sweden and of course The Shadows and the band had a big succes.

They are coming back this year with new material and a lot of joy to play.

The Old Young Ones – Release of the first CD “Just a smile”.


The Old Young Ones, Danny Franklin on Lead-guitar.



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