The Evergreens


The Evergreens uit Denemarken speelden op de 46e meeting in april 2006 en de 48e Meeting in april 2008.

For more than six years, Bjarne and Mogens, has been playing with there two soon’s, Jens Varmløse and Danny Franklin, in The Old Young Ones. But as both Jens and Danny is very busy with there musiceducation,they cannot find the time, at the moment, to play with the two older guys.

Therefor it was time to find two guys with the same interest in playing the music, we all love. And this is what happened with Jens (drums) and Bent Ove(rhythm). Two guys with the same affection/love for the instrumental music.

Bent Ove is a well known session musician in Denmark and worked with some of the biggest artists in Studio/TV and Radio as well on stage. At the moment he’s working with a very succesfull danceband.

Bent Ove has been a fulltime musician since 1973. He is a very gifted guitarist and a very nice person and we must not forget a Granddad.

Jens has been playing the drums since he was born and also a session musician. If your looking for a drummer to play what you want, look no further he’s doing it all. Jens is, together with Mogens, playing in a band called The Firebirds. It’s the music from the Sixties they’re playing. And by the way, Jens has the most rusty car in the band, gaffa tape is a must.

At the moment The Evergreens is making a CD with instrumental hits and the CD will be out before Christmas 2005.

If you try to find a group of peoble with more experience with’in the music business, you’ll have to seek very low and very high. These guys has been playing music for more than 191 years in all.