The Foottappers uit Engeland speelden op de 47e t/m 51e  voorjaars (april) meetings  in 2007 t/m 2011 en op de Nationale Meeting van oktober 2010.

The Foottappers met Brian Locking.

Hello fans of the Shadows,

We are a young group of musicians witha love for guitar music, keeping
the music of The Shadows alive for younger generations to enjoy, as well
as the fans who have loyally followed The Shadows for years.

Feel free to take a look around and please follow us everywhere in the world………!


The Foot Tappers

The Foottappers met Bruce Welch.


The Foottappers met Cliff Hall.


Colin Pryce-Jones van The Rapiers met Joel en Tim Jackson.


David Eyre, drummer van The Pastmasters met drummer Tim Jackson.





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